Treatment of pollution at the source: A wide range of products to meet all scenarios

French specialist in air filtration for industries, laboratories and all polluting activities, we offer a large family of products allowing:

  • optimize source capture by taking into account the ergonomics of the workstation
  • provide the best treatment of polluted air through its wide choice of filters or an external discharge device

Find our table hoods to equip your worktops.

To accommodate more polluting processes, a suction booth may be necessary. We offer a standard range with many configurations available from stock and a tailor-made range for specific cases.

For capture as close as possible to the source of pollution, we have developed a range of multi-station hoods that can be fitted with segment arms or laboratory arms. There are also suction plates for more specific applications.

Some work environments require great mobility of their equipment. To meet this requirement, we offer a range of mobile hoods on casters or on trolleys. You can equip them with segment arms or laboratory arms.

Our suction and collection systems also have a wide range of filters (activated carbon, impregnated activated carbon, HEPA, dust and particles). You can take a first look at a list of common chemicals here and their propensity to be adsorbed by activated carbon.

If your product is not listed, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Beyond industry, our solutions are also aimed at hairdressing, podiatry, drug deconditioning, restoration of works of art …

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