Specialized tools for cable treatment and tinning


Our products cover the following areas of expertise:


  • Thermal stripping of cables for demanding industries (aeronautics, military, space, medical, etc.)
  • Joule effect soldering
  • Mechanical de-enameling tools for fine wires, cables and Very High Voltage strands 
  • Machines for preparing wires

Components and PCB assembly :

  • Static tinning baths
  • Fluxing bins
  • Rotary tinning baths
  • Complete tinning stations
  • Selective soldering by mini-wave
  • Bending and cutting of hybrid components / axial and radial components
  • Preheating plates
  • Dross separators

Consult us for your needs and we will find the right solution.

Send us your samples of components to be tinned, stripping wires, cables to be unmasked. We will carry out tests in our workshop and we will be able to prequalify the best tool corresponding to your constraints.

Discover our range of Specialized tools for wiring and tinning