The desoldering system offered by FTM Technologies combines several elements :

1 Soldering SEMDATA module for controlling the installation
1 Autonomous desoldering DPA SEM module powered by 230 V
1 Desoldering iron 100 W
Possibly a 50 W soldering iron in the case of a SEMDATA DUAL module

SEM DPA – The desoldering module “autonomous”

Reduced size : The SEM DPA module is positioned under the soldering station and preserves the work surface
Efficiency : With a particularly powerful suction and a power of 100 W
Limited cost : Powered and regulated by a SEMDATA DUAL welding station
Safety : The DPA SEM module only works in the set range. The housing is antistatic
Innovative : Perfectly suited for desoldering of QFP, PLCC and SO components

A choice of High Yield or Long Life nozzles is available as accessories.