Built-in fume hoods are generally used for needs of filtration when the workstation is cluttered or when the product to be filtered being heavier than air, it is naturally attracted downwards

Built-in Fume Hood Hi2P

Adapted for products needing a filtration downwards

• Fonction: Vacuum Table
• Work place over the fume hood
• The workstation can be emptied

Dimensions of hood frame: 350 x 420mm


• Applying glue by brush
• Handling of chemicals or cleaning products...

Technical characteristics
Variable Flow 50 to 450 m3/h
Capacity 80 W
L x W x H mm 511 x 417 x 130 mm
Weight 6 kg
Power Supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Maintenance Periodic change of the filter
Rear exit evac Yes, Ø125mm

Can be used both ways :

- As a recirculating (ductless) fume hood, using active carbon filtration or Dust filter (See Filters Board)
- Or with an external output (external filter + exhaust duct Ø 125mm)

* Possibility of using protection prefilters.